stylekontor is the first crowdfunding and production platform for fashion in Europe. We bring independent fashion designers and fashion-loving customers together and produce limited styles exclusively on demand. 

We take care of the operation of the crowdfunding platform, production, sales and customer service. The designers can concentrate fully on the creation and earn money without risk.

Nowadays, there are fewer and fewer independent fashion designers who have a chance of success. In addition, due to fast fashion, 50kg of clothing per capita per year end up in garbage dumps or are burned. Neither is acceptable to us.

We offer independent fashion designers completely new opportunities for success, bring individual styles back to the streets and make the fashion industry more sustainable by putting an end to miserable overproduction.

Our company headquarters are in beautiful Hamburg, the world capital of ’kontors’ – trading posts of the former Hanseatic League. Similar to those kontors, where textile companies were able to trade internationally, stylekontor is a place where those interested in fashion can meet and do business with independent fashion designers.

The three founders of stylekontor are Alexander Berning (Chief Operating Officer), Benjamin Steinhauer (Chief Executive Officer) and Johannes Christensen (Chief Strategy Officer).



 On the stylekontor platform, fashion designers have the opportunity to create personal profiles and present their styles and their brands to the community.

The upload of individual styles takes place via a simple three-stage process in which stylekontor queries the designers for the information relevant to a production. If all information is available and the styles have passed a quality check, they are first activated in the stylekontor vote section.

There, fashion-loving customers can experience the styles of a wide variety of designers, exchange ideas with individual designers and vote on which styles should be produced.

Styles with the most votes are then launched in the shop as crowdfunding campaigns. If the campaign has been successfully completed, we only produce in limited numbers and deliver individual styles to customers within about 30 days. Designers earn money on every item sold.

Our goal is to work with independent fashion designers to improve the fashion industry over the long term.

Let's redefine fashion together!



Pictures are included in our press kit which can be downloaded here: link.


For any press enquiries, please contact our public relations team at We shall respond within a timeframe of 24 hours during work days.