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General Questions


stylekontor is the first crowdfunding and production platform for fashion in Europe. We bring independent fashion designers and fashion-loving customers together and produce limited styles exclusively on demand. We take care of production, sales and customer service and the designers can concentrate fully on the creation and earn money without risk. Sustainable and efficient processes with a minimum of textile waste are at the core of our "on-demand" business model.
In addition to operating the platform, stylekontor manages production, sales and customer service for all styles that are offered by independent fashion designers on
Sustainability is one of the most important reasons why we founded stylekontor. We see production exclusively on demand as the most important lever to make the entire industry more sustainable. This prevents huge amounts of textile waste. Unnecessary CO2 emissions, wasted water and the senseless consumption of chemicals can be prevented from the start. It is also particularly important to us that we know all our production facilities personally and that we know exactly that there are very good working conditions that are fully certified. We also make sure to use certified materials for every product. You can find more information on our homepage under the menu item Sustainability.
We have a long personal relationship with our production partners and locations. These personal contacts are particularly important to us, as this is the only way we can ensure responsible production. We work with production partners in different countries, such as Germany, Croatia, Bulgaria, Turkey, Macedonia, Portugal, Poland and Vietnam. For each individual style, we select the best possible production partner for you.
You can find all information on shipping processing here.
You can find all information about returns here.
This is not a problem. stylekontor promotes creative diversity all over the world and is available to customers and designers from all countries. Our platform is currently available in German and English. Our home location is Hamburg in Germany. From here we will build the trading post of the textile industry of tomorrow.
Due to data protection regulations, you must be at least 14 years old to use stylekontor.


For Designers


First you should register as a designer: Register. After you have registered, you can create your personal profile and upload your styles. You will find two videos with detailed explanations in our production instructions.
Of course. However, you should have certain skills and the necessary experience to be able to provide the minimum requirements described in the production instructions for the production of your styles. This includes in particular the creation of a tech pack and / or a prototype.
We look for and produce ready-to-wear street styles that you can wear in everyday life. It is best to take a look at our shop categories to get an orientation. If you are unsure about one of your styles, just ask us. At the beginning we focus on women and unisex clothing. We are planning to produce styles for men at a later date. What we currently do not produce are luxury items, haute couture or lingerie items.
After completing a successful crowdfunding campaign, our goal is to deliver the styles to customers within four weeks. The length of the overall process depends on a number of factors, for example whether a prototype is already available at the beginning, how many sample rounds are required and how quickly materials such as certified fabrics can be procured. In the best case, it takes around three months from uploading a style to delivery to the end customer.
A crowdfunding campaign usually runs for 30 days.
Our focus is currently on limited editions. A style that runs well can, however, be placed again in a different form. If certain styles run well on a regular basis, we plan a special area in the shop on our platform for this.
You earn 15% of the sales (after returns) of every successful campaign. Your possible profit will be provisionally calculated when you upload your style. Here you can also estimate assumptions for the selling price and the quantity.
After the 30-day return period has expired, we will immediately transfer your earnings to the PayPal or bank account in your profile.
A possible sales price is calculated in advance during the design upload to stylekontor. This price is only provisional, the exact price will be determined by us after actual production costs, market research and consultation with the designers. Here, too, we want to ensure that a suitable price for designers and a fair price for customers is set in the end.
stylekontor only produces what customers really want. We see this as the key to solving the huge problem of overproduction in the textile industry. In order to better assess what people are really interested in, we have created our vote section. Here you can vote for the best styles and exchange ideas with the community and designers. Together with the designers, we bring the styles with the most votes to production readiness and start a crowdfunding campaign in our shop.
You can upload individual styles. However, you are free to upload all styles from a collection. These are displayed together on your personal designer profile.
You can upload as many styles as you want. If all the necessary information (photos and technical drawings) is available, it will be activated for the vote section of the platform after a short review.
Ideally, you already have professional photos of a prototype to present your style in the best possible way. If this is not the case, you can upload sketches first. We then individually assess whether the quality is sufficient for publication in our vote section.
We offer you to shoot your styles in our own photo studio according to our quality standards. If you have individual wishes regarding the model or the photo style, you should take professional pictures with your own photographer.
If you do not have a detailed tech pack, we need a prototype of your style from you. We use this to create a technical drawing for you.
All you need for the style upload is images, a tech pack and / or prototypes. As soon as we prepare a campaign for crowdfunding in our shop, we also need the patterns, material list and grading in different sizes. If you do not have this, we can support you in creating this data.
Ideally, you convert your patterns into a technical drawing. If you don't have the opportunity to do this, we can support you.
You can and should of course make specifications as part of your tech pack as to which materials you want to use to produce your styles. We do our best to source these materials and ingredients accordingly. If certain items are not available, we will work with you on alternatives. In any case, no part goes into production without approval of the final sample, including the material.
Around 2/3 of the labels are intended for the designer logo. For the remaining third, stylekontor is named as a production partner. Wash labels follow a predefined standard.
We all have a common goal: to get as much exposure as possible for your campaign. Surely you have friends, family, acquaintances, followers or customers who want to wear your style on the street - let them know about your campaign! To make your campaign as successful as possible, you should use all of your personal networks, including social media.
We give our customers a customization guarantee. If a garment does not fit as expected, we will cover the cost of fitting it up to a reasonable amount. In addition, we are implementing a solution to be able to automatically select the perfect size for the respective body shape. If the wrong size has been ordered, we will offer an exchange to the correct size, provided that a correct size is available. We offer the designers the remaining goods at a preferential price for their own sale. After all, we plan to sell our minimal inventory through boutiques and open pop-up stores at regular intervals. In general, we are convinced that the exclusive production of individual styles on demand leads to significantly fewer returns.
We work according to our general terms and conditions, terms of use and privacy policy, which you can find on our website. If you have any further questions, please do not hesitate to contact us.
We want to support designers in realizing their dreams. The copyright of the design as well as of information and material that is uploaded and made available at stylekontor remains with the designers. However, to be able to develop a production sample, carry out production and sales and handle customer service, the designer transfers the exclusive rights of use for the individual designs to stylekontor for a period of 18 months from the upload of the design.
We are currently in contact with over 50 designers and in the process of collecting the first styles for the launch of our platform.
We really want to get to know you as a designer and look forward to a direct exchange with you. Write us your questions at and we will set up an appointment to answer your questions and exchange ideas without obligation.
There is no. stylekontor is there to bring styles by independent designers to the streets and to eventually change the industry to the better.